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Throughout the month of December, GiveTeens20® interns are discussing their ideas of the American Dream and how their potential career relates to this. In addition, a video from the organization GROCO highlights how successful individuals in their career field have helped broaden their American Dream. There is a well-known saying that “children are our future.” In my eyes, the reality of the American Dream grows with each generation. Each set of children brings a new set of ideals to the … read more

  1. James Bond
    Cofounder, Undefeated
  2. Bill Quirk
    California State Assemblymember District 20
  3. Carolina Salazar-Herrera
    District Director

Featured Insights

  1. Nisha Baxi
    Microsoft Marketing Insights
  2. Tyler Layfield
    K9 Officer
  3. Dennis O'Donnell
    Sports Director