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While on my way to the Campo Di Bocce Event center to attend the GiveTeens20® Pearls Of Wisdom Fundraiser, I did not expect it to be as fancy as it was. As I entered, the fourteen-foot decorated walls were there to greet me. Once I made my way to the prize display room, I saw dozens of tables, prize description posters, and even a Porsche! I said to myself “Man… these guys are not playing around.” There were even waiters … read more

  1. James Bond
    Cofounder, Undefeated
  2. Bill Quirk
    California State Assemblymember District 20
  3. Carolina Salazar-Herrera
    District Director

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    Microsoft Marketing Insights
  2. Tyler Layfield
    K9 Officer
  3. Dennis O'Donnell
    Sports Director