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Nearly a year after she won the GT20 Femme 4 STEM award, Tiffany Donaldson is finishing up her Freshman year at UCSB. GiveTeens20® caught up with her to find out what this Biology major has been up to in the past year! GiveTeens20®: Hi Tiffany! How has your Freshman year at UC Santa Barbara been so far? Tiffany: I am gradually getting used to doing things independently and managing my time productively. It was initially tricky, but I think I … read more

  1. Deborah Cox
    Field Representative
  2. Jeff Frenster
    Director of Employee Relations & Development
  3. Anisha Sampat
    Marketing & Communications

Featured Insights

  1. Nisha Baxi
    Microsoft Marketing Insights
  2. Tyler Layfield
    K9 Officer
  3. Dennis O'Donnell
    Sports Director