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The day has finally come! It is graduation day and you’re getting ready to go to the ceremony. You arrive at the ceremony and it all hits you. Four years of lengthy assignments and sleepless nights has finally come to an end – but is it really? In this blog, I offer you advice and tell you that this, in fact, is not the end, but the start of something new, something scary, and something that I can guarantee you … read more

I graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertino, California 3 years ago (Class of 2016!!). Since then, I have reflected back on high school often and reminisce on easier times. Specific memories always pop into my head when I hear the term “high school”, those being: prom, my social life, and college. Being apart of the AVID program, college was something that stuck solid with me during my four years of high school. The word seemed engraved in my brain … read more

For the past two years, GiveTeens20® has awarded multiple girls the FEMME 4 STEM Scholarship. Female recipients must be senior high school students planning to pursue a field in STEM. In 2018, GiveTeens20® was fortunate enough to award three students who exemplified hardwork and incredible goals in both their career and in life. As the new application season grows closer, here is how the scholarship has benefited them: Joan Oclarit – University of California Davis, Microbiology Major GT20: How did … read more

  1. Alton Takeyasu
    Toy Designer
  2. Lynette McNeill
    Acting Teacher and Coach
  3. Matt Rheault
    Apparel/Art Store Owner

Featured Insights

  1. Nisha Baxi
    Microsoft Marketing Insights
  2. Tyler Layfield
    K9 Officer
  3. Dennis O'Donnell
    Sports Director