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Throughout the upcoming weeks, GiveTeens20®®interns are discussing their ideas of the American Dream and how their potential career relates to this. In addition, a video from the organization GROCO highlights how successful individuals in their career field have helped broaden their American Dream. I moved to the United States from Mexico with my parents when I was just four years old. We moved here with the intention to live a better life full of endless opportunities. It was not easy … read more

  1. Jeff Prugh
    Indie Film Producer and Director
  2. Justin Wiggins
    Director of Program Management at InVision
  3. James Bond
    Cofounder, Undefeated

Featured Insights

  1. Nisha Baxi
    Microsoft Marketing Insights
  2. Tyler Layfield
    K9 Officer
  3. Dennis O'Donnell
    Sports Director