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Finding a Job

Now we’re talking about finding a job. 70% of jobs are found through personal connections. If you eat at Subway, if you go to Starbucks, then apply for a job there because you are a known commodity. They see you, they know you, absolutely that’s where you should go because you’ve got people there who will say, yes, hire her, she’s here all the time or he’s here all the time. Be sure that you research the company before you go in.

I just interviewed an intern that I sat down with her and she had a fabulous resume and letters of recommendation and everything and I really wanted to hire her until I said, have you taken a look at the website? She said, no. She had no idea what I do. And it’s going to the website that would tell you what I do. So she and I are not working together because she did not show the initiative to research the company where she is applying. So doing your homework is really important if you seriously want to get the job.

All right, resume and interview self-assessment. What sets you apart? If I were to offer you a bottle of water, which one would you like? Absolutely, why is that? It’s prettier, it’s the label, absolutely. Who said tapwater? This isn’t tapwater but it kind of looks like it, I know. No, this is why I say, be Fiji [water brand]. In your application, in your resume, think of how you can package yourself so that you stand out like Fiji.

If you are going into a job where – for instance you want something artistic – then bring some of your work. Have some of your pieces available. If you are going into a job that’s going to require some personal recommendations, have letters of recommendation with you. Your volunteer hours that you’ve done here at school. Any types of jobs. Those are your personal and professional references because they will ask you for references. So make sure that you have all of that in advance, prepared. You’ve got your references, you’ve got everything all dialed in so that you can set yourself apart.


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