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Getting the Interview

Now actually getting in to see someone. Here is a dirty little secret. 90% of companies out there are going to ask you to fill out an application online. Has anybody experienced that? Yes, absolutely. That’s how it goes these days. Now a friend of mine applied for a job online with Marriott and she never heard anything back. And she was overqualified for the work. She still never heard anything back. So she actually went back, filled out the application online again, printed it out and took it in to the local Marriott and said, I want to work here. They said they had never seen her application. It had never been forwarded to the right place. So it’s not to say that you do not respect the rules of the company that you are applying for, you have to respect those rules and apply online. But print it out and take it in. Meet the manager face-to-face. You will have definitely much more of an in than somebody who just allows it to go into the online black hole.


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