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Succeed without College

So what if you just want to work? I actually have a friend who graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and he went directly into work. This man is doing very, very well for himself. And it is because he did what I call the trifecta of success. The trifecta of success is, know what you want to do and get good at it. He knew in high school he wanted to build houses. So he basically apprenticed himself out to a contractor, did not charge this contractor any money. Just said, “I just want to work with you, I want to learn how to build houses.” And so he did.

The second part of the trifecta of success is, partner wisely. To build houses it’s going to take a lot of finances, it’s going to take a lot of manpower. So he partnered wisely with a man that he started building houses with 20 years ago because he knew this man had integrity and that he would not steal from him or do anything behind his back that would be harmful to him.

And the third part of the trifecta of success is to work your tail off.

So it’s, know what you want to do and get good at it, partner wisely and work your tail off. Because there are a lot of opportunities out there for people who don’t necessarily want to go to college.

We’re going to be doing a house remodel. Do you think I’m going to ask the contractor who comes in to bid the job, what college did you go to? No I’m not. If I’m going to hire a model to do something for a brochure, am going to ask him what college? No, I’m going to say, how do you look on camera? To the contractor I am going to say, give me your references. How much are you going to charge me? To the mechanic that works on my car, I don’t care where they went to school. All I know is that they are capable, competent and trained to do it. That’s all I care about. So don’t think – everybody in this room does not need college. But make sure that you get yourself set up for success either way.


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