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Interview Do’s and Don’t’s

For interviews I ask you to mirror the culture. Again, if you’re going to work at Macy’s, you wear something that they would wear at Macy’s. If you’re going to go to work at the mat counter at Macy’s you are definitely going to have a lot of makeup on. If you are going – young ladies, this is directed to you – if you are going to go into an interview for, for instance an office job or a day care job, then the people – if you are completely made up and your hair is perfect, do you have any idea what the assessment of you will be or the assumption about you? You take care of yourself. And you take care of yourself a lot. The thing is, that people will be afraid is that they think you’re going to spend all your time in front of a mirror. They don’t think that they’re going to get the work out of you if you are like totally decked. So if you are going into a job that’s working with kids or administratively or office or things like that, look good obviously but don’t be so looking good that they’re going to say, uh oh, we are never going to get any work out of her.

So if I’m going to work at Hooters, what am I going to wear? For an interview? Short skirts and a crop top. Not at this age but maybe a few years ago. Maybe not even a crop top on an interview. But definitely something to show your legs and you have some assets. So you just basically have to mirror the culture.

Tattoos. Remember we talked about those? Tattoos will definitely need to be covered for any interview. If you are applying for a job within hospitality, if you have any tattoos showing, if they like you, they will say, we will hire you but you have to cover the tattoos. So just cover them for the interview.

14 points. Basically every piece of clothing has one point. If you’ve got big stuff it’s two points each. So make sure you don’t go over 14 points. This is two points. So 2, 4, 6 points, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. 14 with the pair of shoes. I’m at 14 points. So make sure you don’t go over that. Make sure you don’t get so high-fashion that you are like too much to look at.

The interview. These are the things to do. Be enthusiastic. Remember, research that company, be confident in your abilities and show a desire to learn. Now, stuff that’s complicated, turn it into a positive. Remember when I said transportation? That can be complicated if you don’t have a legitimate ride all the time, if you don’t have your own car. But what you can do, if they say, what are your transportation arrangements? You can say, well, my mom is going to bring me – and if that doesn’t work out I will take the bus. Because you’ve gone in there with an arrangement and a plan B, that turns your complication into a positive.

Now these are the things not to do. Don’t ever show up late. If you’re going to be late, call and say, you know what, it looks like I’m going to be 10 minutes late, would you like to reschedule? You are showing respect for their time if you do that. Don’t just show up 10 minutes late. I mean, if you have to, you have to, but be very apologetic. Don’t chew gum, don’t have your phone even on vibrate. Have it off. Do not bring any drama to the interview. The interviewer does not want to know that in order for you to get a ride to work that your brother’s baby mama’s aunt who is now in jail had committed to take you but now she can’t. That is not what you want to bring to an interview. No drama. It’s like, well, I couldn’t find my shoes so I’m here late. Keep all of that out.

Never ask about benefits on your first interview, never ask about time off. If you are in your first interview and you’re saying, hey, I need two weeks off. They’re going to say, no, it’s not going to happen, but thank you for sharing, thank you anyway. So don’t ask about benefits, don’t ask about time off.


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