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Putting Your Life ‘On Hold’ for a Relationship

Oh gosh, we’re into life lessons. These are my three favorite things and then we’re going to do interviews. Does anybody recognize this guy from – what’s that cop show? Bluebloods? That’s Tom Selleck. He’s on a TV show called Bluebloods now but this was about 25 years ago. And 25 years ago I was offered a job in Hawaii to be production assistant on a brand-new television show that was starting. Now needless to say, I did not know what the television show was because it was brand-new. It hadn’t even started filming yet. And I turned that opportunity down because I was dating a guy who lived in Atlanta. So Atlanta would come to Los Angeles every month for the weekend or the week or whatever and he would work and then we would date on the weekends and then he would go back to Atlanta and then he’d come back again the next month. And I figured, oh my goodness, if I moved to Hawaii, I’m never going to see Atlanta who is coming into town once a month. So I turned that job down. This was the TV show, it was Magnum PI with Tom Selleck. And the whole time, Atlanta had forgotten to tell me that he was married.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to encourage you, do not put your life on hold for any relationship. If you’re married, if you have children, then yes, you put your life on hold for those relationships. But before that, do not do that. If you want to go to one college and the person that you are dating is going to go to a college way too far away, it doesn’t matter. It’s going to work out if it’s supposed to work out. So don’t put your life on hold for any relationship.


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