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Tips for Entry-Level Job Interviews

Now the interview. Role-play like we did earlier. Role-play before you go so you are prepared for those questions. So you are prepared for the scenarios.

I just spoke with a gal at Target and they throw scenarios are you. When you go in for an interview they will ask you, okay, you’ve got a customer who’s got three or four unruly children in line. How do you handle that with the customer? Because the customer is already flustered. So they’re going to ask you, they’re going to throw scenarios and ask you, how are you going to handle that? Be prepared for those. Be prepared with stories.

I asked you, how are you a reliable person? Give me a story about that. Give me a story of how you are a dependable person. It can be that my neighbor asked me to babysit and my girlfriend had tickets to a concert and asked me to go and it was the same day. I chose to keep my commitment to my neighbor and babysit her kids. That is a story that shows you are dependable, reliable. Have those stories ready for your interview.

Sample interview questions, what’s the most stressful situation? You guys know what these are. What do you think about this one? So what gaming system do you use? It’s a trick question. Because what’s going to happen is somebody’s got you in there and you are talking about being a bus boy or working in a department at a big store and all of a sudden they’re like, what gaming system do you use? All of a sudden it’s like, oh, Xbox, Call of Duty, I’m online I got this great group of guys – and you are going to get all animated about that. What are they going to think? Gamer. If you are going to be up until 4 o’clock in the morning you are not going to be showing up to work. And if you do you are going to be like crazy. No, there are trick questions that people will give you. So be prepared. Be on your toes. If you have practiced with somebody, you are going to be fine.

Interview preparation is key. Have an answer to the request, “Tell me about yourself!” as well as having truthful stories that illustrate your character. Be sure to practice your answers before the interview. If you would like to pursue more in-depth information that is not specifically targeted to entry-level positions, here is a link to a U.K. firm with lengthy interview advice: The Ultimate Guide To Passing Any Interview.


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