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Making Introductions

Once again, Social vs. Business etiquette comes into play

Social Introductions

Women are addressed first, and men are introduced to women:

“Mrs. Taylor, I’d like you to meet my friend Dennis Brown.  Dennis, this is Mrs. Taylor”.

“Natalie Martinez, I’d like to introduce Larry Bird.  Larry, this is Natalie”

Notice that the first round includes both individuals’ last names.  Second round is first names only

Older women are introduced first to younger women:

“Mrs. Thompson, I’d like you to meet my sister, Amanda Langley.  Amanda, meet Mrs. Thompson”

When introducing your grandmother/grandfather or other family member – always introduce older to younger:

“Grandpa, I’d like to introduce my friend Jacob Brown.  Jacob, this is my grandfather, Stephen King.”

Standing during introductions This is where it can get tricky

Men always stand for women (regardless of age)

Women stand for older women and older men (you needn’t stand to meet someone your own age or younger)

Business Introductions

Greater authority is introduced to lesser authority

“Ms. Miller (my boss), I’d like to introduce my friend Emily Brown.  Emily, please meet Ms. Miller”

“Mr. President, this is Mr. Director.  Mr. Director, meet Mr. President”

Ms. Client, I’d like to introduce the president of our company, Ms. White.  Ms. White, this is Ms. Client of ABC Corporation.”  The Client ALWAYS comes first!!!!

Standing during Business Introductions

Be aware of roles more than anything, not sexes or ages.

If the president of a company is seated when introduced to a client (male or female) he or she should stand.

If a male administrator is being introduced to the president of the company, he should stand.