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Meet the Women of FEMME 4 STEM 2018 (Part 3)

This year, GiveTeens20® was fortunate to award three graduating high school seniors with the “2018 Femme 4 STEM Scholarship”. The recipients were presented with the check on Tuesday, June 18th at the GiveTeens20® office.

Femme 4 STEM Scholarship 2018 recipient, Emily C.

In this third part of the three-part blog series, we talk to our third and final winner of the Femme 4 STEM Scholarship, Emily C. A 17 years old, Mission San Jose High School graduate, Emily will be attending UC Davis with a major in Animal Science.

GT20: What made you choose STEM?
Emily: I chose this major because after exploring possible career pathways in computer science, medicine, and education, I found veterinary medicine to be the occupation for me. I have always loved STEM for as long as I can remember, because it allows us to achieve what was previously impossible. The modern world as we know it is built upon science.

GT20: What do you hope to do with this major?
E: I hope to enter veterinary school with this major and that it will provide a solid foundation in the sciences so that I pass the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) test.

GT20: What are you looking forward to in college?
E: I look forward to being in new and uncomfortable situations so that I can mature and change as a person. I am also excited about becoming independent and starting with a clean slate, so I can develop new habits and participate in different activities.

GT20: How was your college apps experience? Do you have any advice for future applicants?
E:  The application process can be overwhelming so I think the most valuable tip I can give is to start early. Ask teachers for recommendation letters early, months in advance. Look at the application portal the day it opens and formulate your own deadlines for each step of the process. Breaking your tasks apart into more detailed steps will help you get more done with less stress.

GT20: Do you have any advice for girls who are planning to pursue STEM or on the edge about it?
E: If you are a girl going into STEM, it is important to be confident. In a predominantly male field such as computer science, it can be intimidating to be surrounded by the other sex. In a predominantly female field such as veterinary medicine, it can be intimidating to try to excel in comparison to so many of your peers. Regardless of what field you want to enter, working as hard as you can and it will take you to where you need to be.