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Going Against the Grain: Why Choosing a Non-STEM Major is Okay

Liliana Adler In the Bay Area and beyond, we are surrounded by STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) enthusiasts. A majority of the time, you can walk up to a random person and either they, or someone they know, has a career in STEM. STEM majors are vital to helping expand our world in technology and science. Without them, we would not have the iPhone or the umpteen social media apps we use daily, such as Facebook.

Do not get me wrong, I praise anyone who majors in the STEM area. It takes competitive, diligent and hardworking people to become successful STEM professionals. I myself could never do it but that is exactly why I struggled. I went to a high school with a senior class that was highly invested in becoming computer engineers, biology enthusiasts and business aficionados. As an education major, it was hard for me to admit it but I was so proud of myself for studying something unique. For years and even to this day, I took so much negative input from others who told me that I “wouldn’t be making enough”. I did not choose to study education for the $$, I did it because it was what I felt I was put on this Earth to do. What drove me to this career choice was knowing that I could possibly be teaching the next politician or the doctor who discovers the cure for cancer. I wanted to help foster the children into them, but many people overlook the fact that it takes teachers to make these STEM geniuses.

“It is important that we have professionals in careers

other than STEM that can help us do the simplest things!”

Intrigued? Let me talk about the importance of other majors! Imagine you just moved to a new city, into a fixer-upper type of house. Your pipes are busted, the air conditioning and heating are broken, and there is small hole in the roof of the master bedroom. Who do you call to fix these issues? A mathematician? A biology major? Or how about a professional, certified plumber or carpenter? It is important that we have professionals in other careers that can help us do the simplest things, like change a tire or build houses! Our next education reformer could be sitting in an education course lecture as we speak, or even the future artist who will end up as the next Picasso.

It doesn’t matter whether you are heading into college or are thinking about what you want to pursue as a career: NEVER be afraid to study what YOU want! It is your career, your life that you are living so pursue a career that makes you happy and doesn’t fill you with regret. You can’t be absolutely successful in the career you pursue unless you are doing what makes you happy, and what lights you up! For example, imagine if your doctor had no interest in helping people, or in biology, would you want them to be your doctor? Not me!

By all means, take in opinions of others and their suggestions of what they want to do, but never entertain demands. Study what makes you happy, and that in itself is the best success you can have!

Lily understands the pressure that comes along with being successful and choosing the right career path. However, with guidance from great teachers, friends and family, she was able to find the right one for her as a Child Development major. Lily enjoys hanging out with friends and family, watching Netflix and traveling on her free time. She is currently a Child Development major at Ohlone College, and hopes to earn her Ph.D. in Education.


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