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How You Can Change Their Tomorrow

  • Positive statements and descriptions are not always part of the conversation directed at many teens, so they are understandably impacted by hearing encouraging truths about themselves.
  • Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment for Students reveals each teen’s top 5 strengths, and Education 501 (c) (3) GiveTeens20® is ramping up to bring Certified Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder Coaches into the classroom to work with student populations that are either First Generation or At-Risk.
  • The assessment results and accompanying coaching gives these students fresh perspective and a new vocabulary they can use about themselves when someone asks them to “Tell me about yourself”. 
  • When teens learn about their strengths, many find that these attributes had previously been viewed as embarrassing traits but are now viewed for what they are….inherent talents that are now seen accurately as strengths. 
  • We invite local community partners/business owners to join GT20 in the classroom and teach the teens how to interview for an entry-level job.  Young people who may have gotten into trouble don’t have hope they will be given the opportunity to work because of past records, and they are shown that there are people willing to overlook past mistakes and give them a chance.  
  • Ruthie Bolton, two-time Olympic gold medalist, also joins GT20 to inspire, encourage and counsel teens based upon stories from her humble background as one of twenty children! Ruthie’s willingness to suffer and hustle as a teen is an inspiration and motivator for students who want to be shown that obstacles can be overcome. 

A $50 donation to GiveTeens20® will provide the StrengthsFinder assessment and coaching to one High School student in the S.F. Bay area.


“Kathy came in and spoke to my AVID 10, 11, & 12th graders about career goals and finding your passion through your work. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and the information and advice Kathy gave the students mirrored many things they are learning in the AVID program. The students were all engaged and learned a lot. The follow-up day with the owner of a large local fast-food franchise was fabulous. He touched on interview techniques and shared his own educational journey with the students. I will definitely have GT20 back next year for my students to enjoy! Thank you!”

AVID Coordinator, Ms. Margi Thomas, M. Ed.

For more information, or to schedule GT20 into your classroom or school, contact info@giveteens20.org.  

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