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At home or with friends, manners are relaxed.  With family, celebrating an event or holiday, we step it up a little and are more conscience of etiquette.  While on a date, let’s face it, you are trying to impress someone so pay a lot more attention to how you are acting.

The Future You will be invited to formal events, weddings, maybe even to dinner at the White House! Knowing what to expect, and how to act in every environment, gives you confidence.When you are confident, you can relax and have fun.

We have compiled a comprehensive set of social guidelines that will help your confidence in various social situations:

  • See our Making Introductions page to learn how to properly introduce people to one another in both social and business environments (yuppp….there IS a right and wrong way to do this).
  • Check out our Dining page to see the most complicated table settings explained.
  • Review Basic Etiquette for a primer on the rules of engagement.
  • Then, read about Etiquette for Gents or Etiquette for Ladies to unravel all expectations the social order has, while showing you the appropriate manners that open doors in social and business environments.