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2022-2023 Gems of STEM Scholarship Application Available Now!

SAC Application

    Thank you for your interest in the SAC, the Student Advisory Council for GiveTeens20. Please answer the following questions to provide information about your background and interest in becoming a member of the SAC. All fields are required.

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    8. How did you hear about GT20 SAC?

    9. Why are you interested in becoming a SAC member of GT20?

    10. What skills do you bring to the table?

    11. What skills/experience do you hope to gain as a SAC member?

    12. Have you been involved in other community or volunteer organizations?

    13. If you answered yes for the previous question, please describe your role and involvement and what was the most important learning experience you had with that organization.

    14. Please describe what you and your peers are interested in learning about, in planning for their future after high school.

    15. If you were to become an SAC member, approximately how many hours a month would you be able to dedicate to the SAC team and activities?

    Please provide your parent's contact information in the following questions.

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