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Get over ‘Cute’

Get over cute. This is the concept of diversity trainer Jane Elliott. Basically, she says that if you are cute – and I see a lot of cute in this room – I’m seeing like 100% cute. I relied on cute in high school. I relied on cute after high school. It did not get me promoted, it did not have me taken seriously. So get over cute.

This is my son and this is me in high school. These are both of our senior pictures. So we had a lot of cute going on. Now, this face opens doors. He got every job that he ever applied for. So if he had gone to work at Domino’s or gone to work at the Volkswagen dealership that he was working at, sure, the face will get you through the door. But if you’re not capable, competent or trained, do you think you’re going to be able to keep the job? Absolutely not. So I learned the hard way, he actually joined the Marines. So he’s definitely gotten over cute. He has zero choice in his life right now, but he’s loving every minute of it.


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