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Reputation and Image

Social media. All right, this is a picture that used to be on my Facebook page. It was a couple of girlfriends and myself along with Tracy Byrd, some country singer, at the Saddle Rack for a concert. And I had that on my Facebook page. I mean it was fine. It was a fun evening, a concert, but I’m going to be going into corporations to ask for funding for GiveTeens20®. GiveTeens20® is a non-profit that I’m asking corporations to fund because I’m talking to their future employees. So if I go into, let’s say, Fremont Bank, because Fremont is where I live, and I say, hi Mister Fremont Bank, I would like to ask you to consider making a donation of $5000 to GiveTeens20®. What’s the first thing he’s going to do? Google me. Absolutely. And he’s going to see I have a Facebook page and you can get on that Facebook page because I may have security settings but he has an IT department, so let’s face it – you know everything that we think is secure may or may not be. The bottom line of it is, if this picture were on my Facebook page I think Mister Fremont Bank might say, well, I could give her some money and she might take it to the Saddle Rack and spend it on the mechanical bull and in the margarita chair. This is not giving me a lot of credibility.

So my son also had on his Facebook page, before he went into the Marines, a picture of him in this pink blow-up castle that was somebody’s little sister’s pink blow-up castle holding a bottle of Yeager Meister. What do you think I told him before he went in the Marines? Get rid of that picture, absolutely. Now, if someone had tagged me, if I allowed tags and someone had tagged me, even though I pulled that down from mine, that is still going to be out there forever. So I hope that all of you delete people’s ability to just tag you indiscriminately because if that happens you do not know what’s out there. And you could even be tagged erroneously. Like, have you seen some of those pictures on Facebook where they say it’s like a person in your friends list and it’s no one close to that? So you really can be compromised. Your reputation can be compromised if you allow anyone to tag you. So go to your security settings and change that.


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