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Success Requires Sacrifice

Secret to life number two is that success requires sacrifice. And if you say – like for instance my son graduated with a young lady who was really good at film. She’s at College of San Mateo right now taking film. And I asked her for her four-year college to finish up her degree. I said, what’s your dream school? She said, USC. She would love to go to USC film school. And I said, well, when are you going to apply? She said, oh, I’d never get in there. So what she is telling me is that she doesn’t want to go. Because if you say, oh, I can’t get in there, you are actually saying, I don’t want to go there because I’m not willing to put forth the effort to actually at least attempt it. So if you find yourself saying, oh, I can’t, just really look at yourself and say, I know that I’m saying I don’t want to.


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