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Meet the Women of FEMME 4 STEM 2018 (Part 2)

This year, GiveTeens20® was fortunate to award three graduating high school seniors with the 2018 Femme 4 STEM Scholarship. In this three-part blogpost, we interviewed the recipients so that you can get to know them better!

GT20 president and Executive Director, Kathy Laidlaw with our generous sponsors, Bonnie and Gary, presenting the check to Joan

Next up, Joan O., an 18 years old, Newark Memorial High School graduate who will be attending UC Davis in the fall with a major in Microbiology!

GT20: What made you choose STEM?
Joan: I took a ROP class that was science based. I really enjoyed the lab practice from it and so I chased after a career tailored to that.

GT20: What do you hope to do with this major?
J: The major that I am pursuing is not my actual end-game. I want to go into Pediatrics and help make kids feel better. I want to treat kids and make them happy.

GT20: What are you looking forward to in college?
J: I’m excited to expand my horizons and move out!

GT20: How was your college apps experience? Do you have any advice for future applicants?
J: The phone interview can be very nerve wracking. It was one of the first interviews that I’ve ever done so I was very nervous. I recommend that you just be prepared, be who you are and go over your personal statement. Be your true self!

GT20: Do you have any advice for girls who are planning to pursue STEM or on the edge about it?
J: Don’t get discouraged. Follow through the plan and don’t let anyone dictate you!