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Nisha Baxi

Meet Nisha Baxi, Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

Video Transcript

My name is Nisha Baxi and I am a marketing manager at Microsoft and I’ve been with the company for three years. I got into marketing at Microsoft because I was naturally interested in new technology. And I got into high-tech because I started attending this Meetup group and it’s called Silicon Valley NewTech. It is now the home of over 11,000 members. They demo like four really cool, interesting startup companies the first Tuesday of every month. What I learned from that is that there are so many different really cool and like very interesting products. And so one of my good friends had told me about this role thing opened at Microsoft. And he said, you know what? They are looking for a community person that’s exactly like you. I think that you should consider applying. And so I got connected that way.

So I think it’s about – people always say this over and over again – it’s about creating that extensive network. It’s about meeting interesting people that are doing interesting things that you love or things that you want to get into and sharing, being open with them, and sharing with them what it is that you want to do because everybody wants to be successful and everybody wants to be part of that success story. People want to help you.

So I would say, create a network of people that you find interesting and compelling and also keep doing what you love because then something amazing will happen. A marketing manager does a variety of different things. But currently what I do is I work with top companies to build Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. So the cool apps that you use on maybe your iPhone or your Android, Candy Crash or Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, these kinds of companies, it’s my job to actually work with those companies and make sure that we have them for every single Windows Phone, for Windows 8, that’s really important to us.

So the idea is two things: What can I do from a marketing standpoint to get them excited about building for Microsoft? And then the second part is, once we actually get them to say yes, what are some of the marketing campaigns and programs that we can do with them in order to get them excited and to also get more people to use the product? So user acquisition strategies. Growth marketing, growth hacking, these are things that we hear about all the time. So how are we driving more people, and new people, to actually be using these products?


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