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Teens Are Our Future

Throughout the month of December, GiveTeens20® interns are discussing their ideas of the American Dream and how their potential career relates to this. In addition, a video from the organization GROCO highlights how successful individuals in their career field have helped broaden their American Dream.

There is a well-known saying that “children are our future.” In my eyes, the reality of the American Dream grows with each generation. Each set of children brings a new set of ideals to the table that refine the meaning of the American Dream. Hence, it only makes sense that we give these children an enriched education so they can grow up and change the world.

I am proud to say that I am growing up in a family where education is given a high priority. My parents have encouraged me to engage in programs such as GiveTeens20® (GT20) that have given me exposure to various careers. Over time, my career ideas and goals have changed greatly from wanting to become just a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. Thanks to GT20, I now know that veterinary science is not the only way to help animals – something I want to be a part of my future career. Already, there are many companies that are working toward creating and maintaining duties for animals that allow them to gain the rights and care they deserve, such as K9s for Warriors. I understand that my options are limitless- I can be a journalist writing hard hitting exposes; I can create Digital Media to help gain awareness for nonprofits that help animals; I can be an entrepreneur linking people of need to furry friends.

Nevertheless, I recognize that there are children who have not been given the same exposure and opportunities as me, whether those children be from a low-income family or are unempowered. For example, many girls in today’s society are still reluctant to pursue a career in male-dominated fields such as STEM. This an issue that must be tackled immediately, for they have so much potential to bring to the table. We can all change our future by helping those who will shape it in the years to come- children.

Below is a link to an interview by GROCO of Tim Ritchie, CEO of The Tech Museum. His work has inspired me and other children to keep working toward my career goal and push away from external pressure to purse a typical career of that in the Bay Area.

The Tech Museum of Innovation
Esha Gautam

Esha Gautam is a junior at Washington High School. Ever since childhood, everytime someone asked her “what do you want to be when you grow up?” her answer would change- from actress to astronaut to anesthesiologist. Now, as she approaches college, she wants to find her career fit. Although she is undecided about what career path she wants to pursue, she knows animals are going to be a big part of it. GT20 is helping her find that path.