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GiveTeens20®, GROCO and the American Dream

For the next four weeks, GiveTeens20® is partnering with GROCO to highlight the American Dream and showcasing the American Dream videos on the GROCO website. Throughout the month, GiveTeens20® will be posting intern blogs highlighting their own American Dream and what it means to them.

The idea of the American Dream has changed drastically over time.From a white-picket fence-esque lifestyle to landing a successful job, the generalized American Dream has become more individualized and unique.

Growing up in Silicon Valley, the American Dream was something that was never really discussed. Rather, the norm was to become successful,have the nice house and a family. The individuality of the American Dream was rare, and I was one of those few who perceive it differently. To me, the American Dream is defined as being successful in every aspect, being kind,considerate and dedicated, having a quality education and equal opportunity.These altogether create the American Dream.

The biggest part of the American Dream that stands out to me is having a quality education. Everyone residing in the United States should have access to quality education, no matter the area. All materials and supplies should be state of the art and appropriate for each child. Every teacher should be passionate about what they do and have the desire to create a difference in the world, despite who their class is filled with. This in itself is what made me want to pursue teaching.

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. Over time,the ideas of what kind of teacher I wanted to be evolved based on my changing morals. Thanks to the classes I have taken about teaching, I’ve learned more about developmentally appropriate teachings and how they should be implemented into child based learning and development. Because of this, my ideology and morals about teaching and education and flourished. However, I always knew that I was going to help make a difference in the world by educating my children on more than just basic school subjects, but in other ways too, such as manners,how to be kind, etc. Working in the classroom now, I am already working toward that goal. It is something I hold very close to my heart continuously. This proves why I believe the American Dream should also consist of a quality education for all.

Highlighted in the GROCO website, Sebastian Thrun shares the same ideals as I. Thrun emphasizes the importance of higher education and the opportunities it opens for those who pursue it. Higher education is more than just being costly; it opens doors to new opportunities, experiences and challenges that those who do not pursue higher education may have not gain. Below is a link to the Thrun interview; you are going to love it:

Thrun Interview

With more people like Thrun, we can all help create a equal,quality education for all and help make the world a better place.

Liliana Adler

Lily understands the pressure that comes along with being successful and choosing the right career path. However, with guidance from great teachers, friends and family, she was able to find the right one for her as a Child Development major. Lily enjoys hanging out with friends and family, watching Netflix and traveling on her free time. She is currently a Child Development major at Ohlone College, and hopes to earn her Ph.D. in Education.